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Talk about your experiences with Cannabis Dispensaries, from customer service, unpaid invoices to license violations.

Bad Business

Have you been duped by a can-artist within the cannabis industry? Project gone wrong , Shady deal, or Consultant promised one too many licenses? Share your experiences here!

Illegal Operators

Is your neighbor one moment from a lab explosion, cannabis business operating without a license ? Share your story about Illegal Operators.

Manufacturers & Brands

Brands pumping out tainted product? Poor brand QA? Potency issues? Share your experiences with Manufacturers & Brands.

Ran Off On The Plug

Have you had product stolen from a cannabis transaction , Box came up missing , Inventory not on point due to internal theft? Share your experience with Rippers & Thieves!

Legislation / News

The stop for all cannabis related legislation, news, and politics.


A person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true , within the cannabis industry. Share your experiences with Can-Artist!


Not to be taken lightly , time to eradicate the worst of trash of the industry. Been a victim of unwanted verbal or physical advancements? Cannabis Business owner abusing their power and authority in the industry? Share your experiences here!

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Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.